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Artist Profile #104 Posted August 29, 2015 on Jill Randall’s Blog




Translation <-> words <-> movement <-> bits / Sensualities/Textualities and Technologies edited by Susan Broadhurst and Josephine Machon

Diving the Loop – a computer mediated choreographic process / Contact Quarterly

FleshMotor / Women, Art and Technology edited by Judy Malloy for MIT Press

An Arc of Bodies and Technology; The Search for Authentic Connection / Dance-USA Journal

Troika Ranch Essay / Movement Research Journal

Mediatized Dance Performance in the Technological Post-Vernacular / tanzraum

Interviews and Articles, a short list

Ephemeral Objects – Talking to Troika Ranch with Andy Horwitz

Ovations Magazine – Princess Grace Foundation USA

Borg of the Dance / for Wired Magazine

Troika Ranch: Making New Connections, A Deleuzian Approach to Performance and Technology / by Susan Broadhurst

Travels with Contemporary New Media Art / by Judy Malloy for the GIA Reader


Audience as Everything

What to Call it and Why

Economics, Politics, and Arts Funding

Artist Profile: Anthony Stoppiello

MFA Portfolios