independent projects

WAKE – 11:11:06 of Eleven Eleven, Austin, TX. In collaboration with Jennifer Sherburn,  Natalie George, and Yvonne Boudreaux. Original music by Solid State Dream Suit (4/2017)

N.E.W. Residency – Studio 2, PDX (3/2015)

Improvisation Summit w/Thollem Mcdonas (5/2013)

Improvisation Summit w/Doug Theriault (6/2012)

This is Where I Am – Graduate School, GWU (8/2012)

Enter Comma Prepare co-presentation with Reed Arts Week (3/2012)

White Box improvisation – U of Os White Box Gallery in Portland (9/2010)

Works for…

Works for Video –  things meant to be viewed on a screen

Works for Students –  performance creations for college and high school students

A bit of history…

Flowing of Honey – Joyce Soho (4/2002)

She is Not a Fictional Character – Williamsburg Art Nexus (9/2001)

Mingus Moves – CalArts Modular Theater (12/1988)

Technical Difficulties – Jefferson High School (1984)

Network – Jefferson High School (1984)