real ranch residency

photo: Nancy Ellis and DJ Broken Window – Isadora in Action workshop


Designed for performing and installation artists in the early stages of media design and conception, the Real Ranch Residency provides week-long residencies for small collaborative teams experimenting with digital media and live art.

The Real Ranch Residency takes place at Yes! Studio, located in Portland, Oregon. Yes! Studio is a 480 square foot unobstructed space with a sprung dance floor and large plain white walls for projection. During their seven-day stay, artists in residence will have unlimited use of the studio, access to equipment and software with education in Isadora®, the user-friendly media manipulation tool; and mentoring from Troika Ranch’s directors – expert advice from Dawn Stoppiello on location and from Mark Coniglio via Skype; and feedback from invited audiences if desired. Artists will be provided sleeping space for 2-3 people, full kitchen and bath facilities including use of a large soaking tub. Mechanical design and prototyping of production objects in the adjacent metal/wood shop may be available upon request.

Once selected, artists self-fund their residency by writing the cost into the fundraising scheme of their project. The baseline cost of a week-long residency including housing for up to three collaborative artists is $700 total. Each residency team will also receive one free month long temporary license for the Isadora® software.

Given the unstable state of the arts, the cost of a week-long residency is negotiable. Selected artists will discuss with Stoppiello the scope of their total project budget, in relation to their current production phase, to come up with a fee that is appropriate and manageable. If the artist is not fully funded more discussion will occur between the artist and Stoppiello to see if a residency can still happen with the funding received. Scheduling for week-long slots is ideally six months to one year out but shorter-term planning is possible at this inaugural stage of the program. Artists are asked to cancel within one month of their scheduled residency slot.

TO APPLY: send an email to Dawn Stoppiello (ds[at]dawnstoppiello[dot]com) outlining your project and residency goals to confirm that a Real Ranch Residency is a good fit.

Resident Artists