photo: Enter Comma Prepare 2010 by David Krebs 

I have several outlets for creating performance. With Troika Ranch I made large scale computer-driven live works for the stage. As a solo artist I made solos and group works for the informal setting of my own home for my Salon du Garage series. I travel nationally and internationally to create new works for students, some are media intensive others are not. I still call myself a choreographer even though there are a myriad names for the kind of thing I do, i.e. performance, live art, dance theater, hybrid, multimedia, etc. The body is my primary expressive tool. I believe that dance always resonates with people on the subconscious level that we all have a body that moves in some degree. Everyone can relate to that base level message of this phenomenology. I sometimes layer other intellectual ideas on top of that base, I sometimes do not. I am currently most interested in making performance works that integrate audience on various levels and where the enactment of the performance, both by audience and performer, is the primary content and message of the work.