Isadora in Action

photo: Isadora workshop in New Zealand

Isadora® is a user-friendly, real-time media manipulation tool created by Troika Ranch co-founder Mark Coniglio. Dawn Stoppiello has been working intensively with this software tool since its inception in 2000. Her approach to teaching the software is to guide participants through a series of compositional exercises that expose the features of the software as needed to address a specific creative problem. In this way, the features of the software can be offered a few at a time and with direct immediate creative application. Student questions and interests inform the direction each workshop will take. Students will learn to timeline and play back video sequences; consider the integration of live performers and video imagery; use live video/audio feeds to amplify or re-contextualize experience; use reactive/interactive systems as an intensifier of liveness; consider alternative projection surfaces and material.

Isadora in Action is an introductory level three day intensive workshop designed for performance and installation artists. Participants must understand how to navigate around a Macintosh computer and be engaged in making some form of live art. No other software skills are required. Participants must bring their own Macintosh computer. A minimum of three and a maximum of six participants will be accepted for each workshop. Begin by exploring the Isadora online Tutorials.


Where: Yes! Studio, 4511 NE Prescott Street, Portland, OR 97218

When: There are no workshops currently scheduled