V5 Method: video in performance

Using Isadora® as the media-manipulation tool, this workshop is a launching point to concretely engage dance and theater students in the use of video in live performance. The V5 are the five ways in which Troika Ranch has used video in its own performances: character, environment, cinema, light and score.

  1. Character: when video content includes humans or objects that suggest intelligence.
  2. Environment: when the video content creates a place in which the performers exist.
  3. Cinema: when the video content is paramount and performer action is secondary.
  4. Light: when the video content is used to illuminate the performer.
  5. Score: when the video content is used to generate physical or aural material.

The use of video more often exists on a continuum between two or more “ways” (environment AND light for example) but these distinctions help the student to identify the fundamental function (from moment to moment) of the video they intend to include in their live performance work, and provides experience in creating content through limitations.

Each session begins with a physical exercise that addresses the subsequent compositional use of video centered around one of the “ways”. These exercises give the student a relational and physical experience from which to approach computer-media. After the physical session, the student learns aspects of the Isadora® software to create video. The V5 Method provides a specific frame from which to conceive video content in relation to the live elements of their work.

The V5 Method has been taught as a weeklong intensive and over the duration of a full semester.